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Welcome in My World....

Welcome in My World....




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vendredi 24 mai 2013

" Petit Assortiment de Bijoux en Céramique De Lenore " - 1/2

" Petit Assortiment de Bijoux en Céramique de Lenore"

* Voici un petit assortiment de bijoux en céramique que j'ai réalisé en ce début d'année 2013... ils ont tous été émaillé.
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2 commentaires:

Midori a dit…

Hello Lenore or Sandrine! Lots of skulls remind me of Catacombs! : D Where did your inspiration come from?

Lenore62 a dit…

Konichiwa Midori-San ^^

ha!ha!ha! i find me too that my Bubble Artistic have frequently the appearance of catacombs ...( but i like so modeling and working on the Skulls 's thême...lol!).

my inspiration come from of several sources as: Books (for exemple,recently i had bought a book named:"l'empire de la mort" who speak about cultural story of ossuraries and charnel houses in Europe),i rechearch too pictures on weeb, visit necropoles in region where i live,and i had too a real human skull in my home... :-)

And you... have you already think to do work on Skull thême with clay??